Michael Kors Canada:
On May 8, 2014, beautiful stars rearranged Michael Kors flagship store opened in Shanghai. International supermodel Miranda Kerr (Miranda Kerr), supermodel Karmen Pedaru, Lin, carina lau, gao, XiMengYao appeared rearranged the opening activities, such as starlight, very beautiful.
Miranda Kerr
Supermodel Miranda Kerr (Michael Kors Canada) beautiful appearance, sweet shoulder shows perfect model figure.
Lin Lin in Michael kors2014 spring and summer series brown dress collocation python lines with waist deep V seal appearance, sweet smile and charming and eight chest very grab an eye.
¡¡¡¡Michael Kors Canada Spring 2014 rtw
Carina lau in Michael kors2014 printed spring and summer series dress appearance. Always brassy carina lau this very low-key, though less old, but she put on a mature and charming print dress, pour a little old jiangnan woman in blue calico lasting appeal.
A a blue blood, excellent quality of the handbag or wallet, is the first of many office white-collar entry-level luxury. But hold tens of thousands of hermes platinum package or chanel classic 2.55 let many people off. In fact, the brand is not imagined difficult for us to burden, we picked out the act as purchasing agency from 5000 to 10000 yuan price of 10 big handbags for you to choose, or you first luxury handbags is inside in the future.
Chanel is the most famous is the known 2.55, though it cost less than hermes birkin bags so unattainable, but also do not belong to the white-collar palpable ordinary consumer sector. If big love chanel felt pouch limited Michael Kors Canada women friends again, might as well take a look at this kind of nylon universal bag, although it is less, but in the coming winter, believe this kind of style and material will let you feel warm more than 2.55.
Coco Chanel Chanel Cocoon large nylon universal packet Coco Cocoon bag has elegant style of classical ling case grain and eternal and fashionable modern low profile design. It like a coated soft feather coat, or has a soft touch, comfortable super soft calfskin blanket. Specially designed for use of or travel, Coco Cocoon series there are a variety of different size to choose from, both inside and outside zip pocket, and equipped with the practical details of chain.
Seems to be in the eyes of the public, LV and Michael Kors is synonymous with sky-high, actually otherwise, in the two line of luxury brands, we still find the classic color flat price. The LV Neverfull series of classic handbag, the surface with classic Michael Kors design, with golden brass fittings. Design fashion and practical, suitable for travel or daily travel. Enduring the Louis vuitton handbags family money.
The Neverfull bag space is larger, both as a travel bag and metropolis daily use is very convenient. It also can be adjusted through the two side with size, very practical. This handbag is divided into medium size, small make up think, there is no special requirements of customers buy medium is enough for daily use. But it is important to note that this bag not zipper only one hasp, usual woman.she is not too cautious female friends, try this bag should pay attention to guard against the thief. Louis Vuitton brand across the country, is loved by all ages in the charm of elegant appearance with popularity does not drop, Neverfull series are also many introductory Michael Kors basic styles, whether new flowers or presbyopia, even white checkerboard pattern, this series of bags in terms of popularity, cost performance and durability are the best choice.
A "Italian hermes," said the Bottege Veneta, founder is Moltedo family, they set up headquarters in Vicenza, Italy, in 1966 named Bottege Veneta, namely "Veneta workshop". Bottega Veneta's pity is expensive, lies in the crisscross of leather craft a pointer is a time-consuming work, one of the most famous Cabat series, its production process is very complicated, need to 2 to 3, take 3 to 4 days to finish a bag.
And today we are going to introduce this kind of bag is not a limited edition, but it is a family of BV in 2011 on the new bag, the price of it is not like Cabat series as expensive, belong to the white-collar female can accept consumption level. The same weave design let surface retained the natural color of leather handbags, and highlight the cortex beauty in itself. And bright color is the one big characteristic of MK family, believe that there will be a lot of understated elegance OL gens choice. Bottega Veneta handbags brand is given priority to with soft bag, woven leather was extremely soft handle, completely don't have to worry about wear clothes. In addition to simple weave texture, hollow out some handbags still play metal rivets, or settle in a local place in advance, added a car suture decoration in vertical and horizontal grid, and even deliberately cut a hole in each grid, use for a long time will become warped up, turned out to be echo metaphor auspicious wealth of goldfish, its design concept is very interesting.
Michael Kors Canada Act as purchasing agency reference price: 9000 yuan Brand: Michael Kors Origin: France Michael Kors mentioned, people think of first is a classic plaid, it also the handbag design is no exception, have never surpass the classical charm of England. Burberry this bag modelling is simple and easy, aged 28 to 40 women can use. Whether summer or winter, office OL can use the bag with the majority of their clothing, especially One - Piece of the dress. And the material of the canvas, use in the summer is not too heavy, use nor too cold in the winter, or like a coat of paint. Bag capacity is very big, there is a independent small bag inside, inside the Michael Kors Outlet Canada handbags, can tear open come out alone, OL for when the cosmetic bag or package in the package of what can be.